Monday Headlines for NFL Sunday Week 7 (Predictions)

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Headlines on These articles will make predictions for the upcoming NFL Sunday matchups by predicting the headline that will show up relating to that game. All Publications are welcome to use these headlines if they’re applicable. Without further ado, Let’s Get Started.

Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears:

Superman Returns (And This One Doesn’t Suck)

Score: Panthers 31, Bears 13


Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns:

Kizer Gets Rolled

Score: Titans 42, Browns 10


New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers:

We Miss You, Aaron

Score: Saints 24. Packers 6


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts:

Bring the Hurns

Score: Jaguars 38, Colts 22


Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams:

London Gurl’

Score: Cardinals 20, Rams 41


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills:

Pay the Bills

Score: Buccaneers 13, Bills 27


New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins:

We Want Moore

Score: Jets 23, Dolphins 6


Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings:

Flacco’s Farewell?

Score: Ravens 13, Vikings 37


Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers:

Winless No More

Score: Cowboys 21, 49ers 24


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh


Mixon It Up

Score: Bengals 17, Steelers 10


Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers:


Score: Broncos 20, Chargers 10


Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants:

They Might be Giant?

Score: Seahawks 13, Giants 16


New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons:


Score: Patriots 26, Falcons 27

The Raiders and Chiefs Prove Thursday Night Football is Watchable.

Yes you read this right, Thursday Night Football became a must see TV as the Raiders beat the Chiefs in a stunning 31-30 victory. The once undefeated KC Chiefs has now lost two straight in this bizarre football universe with Aaron Rodgers hurt, The Rams leading  the NFC West, and The Patriots now a beatable football team.


Now lets go over the main points that made this Thursday matchup so special.

  1. Kareem Hunt had a “pathetic” 87 yard game that kept him out of the End Zone all game. You’re better than this Hunt.
  2. Lynch getting ejected from the game made my season.
    It’s All Here and He Will Get Fined.


  3. Derek Carr had a 400 yard game in the victory, re-establishing himself as a premier QB this season.
  4. Amari Cooper had over 200 YARDS IN A SINGLE GAME! That should be amazing to everyone except Julio Jones.
  5. Jared Cooks Game Winning TD was the best moment in his football Ca… Wait…WHAT!!! That was clearly a TD, I guess the Refs were still bitter about the Lynch altercation.
  6. So thanks to a holding call, Derek Carr worked his magic to get a 2 yard TD to Crabtree with 0:00 time remaining on the clock. With that the Oakland Raiders get to an amazing 3-4 record, which is amazing that this is only their 3rd win this season. (Seriously, Look It Up).

Well, that’s it for this matchup for the ages. Wait until next week when the Miami Dolphins play the Baltimore Ravens…

Well, it was good while it lasted.

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